Helena Korejtková is one of those actresses who, when you see her playing, marvel at how she can easily incarnate as a vamp woman, a murderess, a naive blonde, a tortured queen and a normal wife. He can perfectly portray characters through movement and external styling. She is very talented in terms of movement and rhythm, she has been dancing since she was a child, and now she is also a professional flamenco dancer and head of a flamenco dance school. Flamenco is just acting. Every movement carries information and emotions at the same time. She is full of passion and comic elements and Helena is such a comic actress who can play dramatic roles.

She spent her childhood during communist Czechoslovakia as a child with Czech-Ukrainian roots. Her indomitable nature corresponds to that. She is used to fighting and working hard on herself. He can develop incredible energy to overcome professional as well as life obstacles. He is a supporter of positive thinking. Her credo is: "As we think, it happens in our lives."

In the theater, she is cast in the main roles of world and Czech classics. As Nataša in Chekhov's three sisters, Miranda in Shakespeare's Storm or Helena in Čapkov's R.U.R. and Mrs. Urbanová in Mrštíkov Mrs. Urbanová.

She graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Brno (JAMU) and worked on the main theater stages in the Czech Republic. At the Municipal Theater in Brno, at the HaDivadlo Theater, the East Bohemian Theater and the Klicper Theater.

Thanks to her rich acting experience and natural photogenicity, Helena was soon noticed by filmmakers. Helena recently completed the role of a murderess in the documentary drama The Story of a Murderer, directed by Martin Dolenský, and is now shooting the series Dads with childern director Jiří Chlumský, where she plays the seductive and uncompromising manager Radka.

Helena has a sense of rhythm and melody of speech in her blood. Thanks to that and the pleasant color of the voice, it is very often cast as a voiceover and also works in dubbing. Foreign languages ​​do not bother her and she is fluent in English and would be able to speak German, Italian and Spanish in smaller roles.

For Helena, life is a children's sandbox, where we play and create our experiences, which then shape our lives. Helena works and lives with the same ease. Play, create and live your life and enjoy it. That's her idea ..... We're just here to jump.